How it works helps you capture the essence of who you are through the stories that shape you, the relationships that made you, and the dreams and worldviews that further define you.

We pulled together a collection of life’s most important questions and made it easy for you to share your responses through video, using any camera-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

You can answer these questions on your own time, whenever you are inspired to do so. If you don’t like your first answer or want to change it, you can easily rerecord it. And, you can answer as many questions as you would like, or add to your story over time.

We will take your submitted video answers and send them to you to be downloaded or shared.

We hope your videos become artifacts that you can share now and pass on to future generations so that your memories and stories live on forever. Above all, we hope that brings you joy recounting all the memories that make you, YOU.